on I Open international wind orchestra festival-competition "First victory salute"»

(the 3th-6th of August, 2013)

1. General.

1.1. Organizers and an international festival competition is jointly:

  - the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation;

  - administration of the city of Belgorod;

  - department of Culture of the city of Belgorod administration;

  - Moscow state university of culture and arts.

1.2. Bands competition held in the following categories:

    - children's wind orchestra (of participants to 18 not less than 70%);

    - student wind orchestra;

    - adult amateur wind orchestra;

    - adult professional wind orchestra;

- marsh brass bands and mazhoret

1.3.Festival-competition held August 3-6, 2013:

   August 3,

- arrival and accommodation of participants in city of Belgorod

   August 4

- 10 00 am - bands competition;

 -15-00 pm - rehearsal combined wind orchestra;

(notes to participate in the combined orchestra will be sent to participants and posted on

the Internet site)

 -19-00 hr-performance Concert wind orchestra tools Belgorod State. Philharmonic at

Central area of Belgorod,

August 5,

- 10 00 am - performances of orchestras at concert Belgorod areas and its surroundings.

- groups present their concert programs.

- further part in the celebration of the City Day Parade marching bands.

- rewarding. Gala concert of the winners and participants.

August 6

- tour and departure to Moscow

August 7 до 1 июля

- tour in Moscow, evening departure home

2.1. To participate in the festival-contest should be sent to the organizing committee request,

the creative team and characterization Head, DVD recording of the bands no more than

15 minutes (record must be made no earlier than 2012.), color photograph of the team in

costumes (preferably photographs complement electronic version) before July 1, 2013.

Materials provided the Organizing Committee not reviewed and returned Objectives:

2.2. The competition program:

- the competition will be carried out in 1 rounds.

- children's wind orchestra; student wind orchestra; adult amateur wind orchestra

(performance is not more then 15 minutes)

- adult professional and military wind orchestra (performance is not more then 25 minutes)

The competition program can include the performance of such compositions as:

  1. classic original music and transcriptions

  2. compositions of a modern composers;

  3. own compositions;

  4. musical adaptation of folklore;

organizing committee will provide for participation in the competition (tympanum, xylophone, vibraphone, percussion, bassgitara, power)

The order of the performances of the participants is established by organizing committee with the approval of jury.

The organizing committee reserves the right not to return participants’ audio- and video-records and to use these materials for promotion, informational and methodical purposes.

The criteria for the assessment of the performance:

  1. The level of skills of playing instruments and performing culture.

  2. Eccentricity, artistic impression

  3. Stage behavior skills

  4. Artistic level of arrangements and accompaniments

  5. Level of ensemble performance

  6. Abidance of the style

Winners in each of the nominations will be awarded diplomas and certificates.

The jury has the right to award participants with special diplomas and prizes. The jury's conductors known in Russia and abroad. The payment of expenses is carried out by the sending party.

Financial conditions:

All foreign brass bands during the festival provided accommodation and three meals a day, a transfer from the station or airport, excursions in the city of Belgorod. Travel to Moscow and from Moscow paid by organizations. Tour in Moscow and at the request of the historical places of the Moscow region be paid by the participants.

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