on the international review competition of jazz soloists and jazz ensembles for children and youth

(The 26th-27th of March, 2013)


At the Belgorod State University of Arts and Culture within the Department of Musical variety art there will be held the international review competition of jazz soloists and jazz ensembles for children and youth


The aim:

Recognition and supporting of the talented children in the sphere of music art and the development of their skills.



  1. Building of creative environment for spiritual, moral and professional development of skills of musicians.
  2. Empowerment of realization of creative potential
  3. Upbringing of children's listenership and attracting of public attention to the children's musical creativity
  4. Expanding of the creative communications of the BSUAC with creative groups of the city, districts and regions of Russia
  5. Improvement of professional skills and exchange of experiences of teachers
  6. Revival and strengthening of traditions of the Ensemble Performance Art
  7. Vocational Guidance Work and attracting of  prospective students


Procedures and conditions of the review competition

Musical ensembles (up to 10 people) and soloists-instrumentalists, who have prepared the competitive programme, can participate in this review competition. Participants of the competition can be people of the age from 8 till 23 years old.

The competition has two nominations:

-        Instrumental Solo;

-        Instrumental Ensemble (it is allowed to use the jazz vocal).

The competition is held in three age groups:

Group “A” – from 8 till 12 years old (inclusive)

Group “B” – from 13 till 17 years old (inclusive)

Group “C” – from 18 till 23 years old (inclusive)

The age of the participant is determined as the age at the last birthday. The age of the members of ensemble is determined as the average age of all members of the ensemble. The ensemble may include directors and concertmasters as accompanists (for the ensemble with number of members up to 5 people – 1 accompanist is allowed, for the ensemble with number of members more than 5 people – 2 accompanists are allowed).


The competition program and dates

The competition will be carried out in 2 rounds.

The first round (in absentia) is carried out according to the video-materials.

For the participation in the first round the following documents are required: application of the definite form (App. 1), photo in the electronic form, copies of the birth certificate or passport of the participants, video-material. All the materials are to be sent by e-mail in one file indicating the rehearsal base, surname of the participant and age group. For the sending of the files it is recommended to use the free file hosting services such as,, Time limit for submitting the materials and documents is till the 15th of February (every year).

On the results of the first round of the competition participants, who passed to the second round, will receive before the 14th March the notification about participation in the second round (in attendee).

The second round (in attendee) is to be held in Belgorod on the last Tuesday and Wednesday of March of the year of holding the event. In the second round the playing of the programme of the first round is allowed.

Arrangement fee for the participation in the second round is:

-        500 (five hundred) rubles for ensembles;

-        200 (two hundred) rubles for soloists-instrumentalists.

 The payment is to be transferred to the account of the Belgorod State University of Arts and Culture.

Within the competition there will be organized the master-classes of the leading specialists in the field of variety and jazz music. There will be also gala concert of the laureates of this competition.


The competition program can include the performance of such compositions as:

a)     Jazz classic (blues, ballade, jazz-standard);

b)     Compositions of a modern composers;

c)     Own compositions;

d)     Musical adaptation of folklore;

e)     Jazz-improvisations.


-        Solo-performance is to be not less than two musical compositions of different character; the duration of the performance is not more then 10 minutes.

-        Ensemble-performance is to be not less than two musical compositions of different character; the duration of the performance is not more then 15 minutes.

The order of the performances of the participants is established by organizing committee with the approval of jury.

The organizing committee reserves the right not to return participants’ audio- and video-records and to use these materials for promotion, informational and methodical purposes.


The criteria for the assessment of the performance:

  1. The level of skills of playing instruments and performing culture.
  2. Eccentricity, artistic impression
  3. Stage behavior skills
  4. Artistic level of arrangements and accompaniments
  5. Level of ensemble performance
  6. Abidance of the style


Winners in each of the nominations will be awarded diplomas and certificates.

The jury has the right to award participants with special diplomas and prizes. The jury's decision is final and not subject to appeal. The jury includes teachers of the Department of variety art of BSUAC and teachers of the leading Musical Universities of Russia.

The payment of expenses is carried out by the sending party.

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